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Meet Lin Xin Tong, a young heiress of the Li family, blessed with beauty, charm, intelligence, and an honest nature. Her life seems perfect, complete with a loving boyfriend named Chi Shan.

However, as her family undergoes changes, this once-innocent young lady must find inner strength to not only confront challenging times but also deal with the heartbreak of betrayal from both her boyfriend, Chi Shan, and her supposed best friend, Xia Yu Wei. Xia Yu Wei, who, beneath a facade of sisterly affection, conceals jealousy and ambitions to take everything from Lin Xin Tong.

In the shadows stands Sheng Mo Yao, a brilliant medical student with an unwavering determination to safeguard Lin Xin Tong and provide support when she needs it the most. With his striking looks, cold demeanor, and an aura of mystery, he remains ready to protect her from the shadows.


Status : Complete

Year : 2023

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