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The fox demon, Boqiu, endured a thousand years of solitude and a tortured love across nine lifetimes to break the curse afflicting his beloved, Su Xiaohuan, which caused her to tragically die in each cycle. In this lifetime, Su Xiaohuan met her demise at the hands of Boqiu. Raised in the streets, Su Xiaohuan experienced the ups and downs of human society, surviving with her audacious and thick-skinned personality.

She was later manipulated by the deposed Crown Prince Xuanyuan Qingchuan of the former dynasty, who sent her to the imperial palace, placing her beside the notorious bloodthirsty fox demon, rumored to be the one she sought revenge against.

Unexpectedly, due to fate, she once again fell in love with the fox demon without realizing it. In this lifetime, Boqiu chose to break free from the bonds of destiny by sacrificing himself, rather than acknowledging his beloved, in order to sincerely love and influence the world, ultimately breaking the curse that plagued Su Xiaohuan.


ENGSUB【TRAILER】千年男狐妖邂逅捉妖小白?,情浅戏深,谋爱而劫!| 风月如雪 The Snow Moon | 奇幻爱情 | 优酷 YOUKU

Status : Ongoing

Year : 2023

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