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Kim Hak-cheol is a trashy husband who sends his wife Jin Joo-hee to his friend Kang Min-hyeok as a housekeeper due to gambling debts. He visits his wife once in a while and steals money. He borrows money from Min-hyeok, a golden spooner who is Hak-cheol’s friend, on the condition that Joo-hee is sent as a housekeeper. Min-hyeok is kind to his friend’s wife, Joo-hee. Over time, the true colors begin to emerge. Meanwhile, Min-hyeok’s wife, Nam Gyoo-ri, lives together with them without knowing anything about Joo-hee.

Filesize: 142 MB
Duration: 01:50:09
Title: Sorrow Gate
Year: 2023
Type: Movie
Country:South Korea
Language: Korean
Director: Han Dong-yeon
Genre: Mature


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