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Blinded with jealousy over the wealth accumulated by his best friend, a local mob boss, a narcissist of psychotic proportions schemes to steal his infant son to obtain a multi-million dollar settlement from the hospital’s insurance company. In so doing, he ignites a chain reaction that overwhelms the lives of his now suicidal wife, her nymphomaniacal younger sister with whom he’s having an affair, a deeply indebted gambling and alcoholic lawyer, a Brooklyn born bookmaker/pimp and his London strongman, a rural ex-com seeking redemption from his angelic wife and a hard-nosed insurance investigator – all embroiled in a fascinating study of greed, betrayal, love and murder.

Title: Dead Wrong (2024)

Genre: Crime

Runtime: 104 min    –    Rating: 4.7

Director: Rick Bieber

Cast: Derek SmithKatrina BowdenRob Schneider


Dead Wrong - Official Trailer (2024) Derek Smith, Katrina Bowden, Rob Schneider

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