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Do you believe that there exist countless parallel universes that are exactly like the world you live in? Jiang Xiao Yuan finds herself struggling with her identity as she travels across parallel universes that never seem to intersect.

In her original world, she is an invincible wealthy daughter, but in another place, she becomes an ordinary working girl who has absolutely nothing. Along the way, she meets the mysterious Qi Lian, and together, they search for the truth involving the mystery surrounding her. Stripped of wealth, family background, appearance, and education, Jiang Xiao Yuan sets herself on a journey to find pieces of her “real” identity.


MULTISUB【脱轨 Derailment】预告:刘浩存、林一新剧,意外车祸将她从2025年带回2018年,这场穿越的真相远超想象... | 刘浩存 / 林一 | 爱情剧情片 | 优酷 YOUKU

Status : Ongoing

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