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Late 1980’s – Meet the Larusso family: Joe, the loving father and up and coming mafia kingpin; Francine, the lovingly flawed wife and mother; Connie, the son Joe never had; and Rose, an inquisitive, withdrawn young girl. New to Staten Island by way of Brooklyn and looking to make a better life, we follow Rose, the youngest daughter, as she reluctantly discovers who her father is, her place within this family and the world around her. Her eventual desire to break free from the life set before her not only threatens her existence but makes enemies out of her closest allies: her mother and sister. Like every mob movie you’ve never seen before, this is the story of the women of this life. The fear, violence and rage that dictates who they are and who they become. A search for freedom within a world they may never leave. “Fresh Kills is less about the mafia world and more about the journey of the women in it. It explores the issues of wanting more than you were allotted in life. A theme almost everyone can relate to. It looks at unspoken rules in our society and then seeing if we have the courage to break them for ourselves and for the generation to follow.” – Jennif

Title: Fresh Kills (2023)

Genre: Crime, Drama

Runtime: 120 min    –    Rating: 7.1

Director: Jennifer Esposito

Cast: Jennifer EspositoOdessa A’zionAnnabella Sciorra


Fresh Kills - Official Trailer (2024) Jennifer Esposito, Emily Bader, Odessa A'zion

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