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Set in 1960s South Korea. The series follows two men through their bromance and the obstacles they face during a turbulent time in the country’s history.It depicts the story of Park Doo Chil, who is known as Uncle Samsik, who always has three meals a day, even during the war, and Kim San, an elite man from the Korean Military Academy, who wants to create a country where everyone lives well.

Episodes: 16

Airs On: Wednesday


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Name: Uncle Samsik (2024)

Original name:삼식이 삼촌 三植叔叔 Samsiki Samchon Samcheekyi Samcheeok Uncle Sam Shik Uncle Samshik Дядя Сам-щик Дядя Сам Сик العم سامسيك

Release year: 2024

Country: Korean

Genre: Bromance, Business, Drama, Friendship, Historical, Military, Miniseries, Romance

Status : Ongoing

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