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Eva, a curious, enthusiastic, and spirited teenager, is raised in a state-of-art bunker by Muthr, a robot caretaker. On her 16th birthday, after an attack on Eva’s bunker, she finds herself on the surface of a strange planet called Orbona, which is inhabited by aliens, covered with other-worldly fauna, and has no other humans to be found. Eva is joined by Otto, a giant tardigrade, and Rovender, a cantankerous alien, to help find humans, her home and her true destiny.

Title: WondLa (2024)

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Runtime: n/A    –    Rating: n/A

Director: n/A

Cast: Alan TudykD.C. DouglasSarah Hollis


WondLa — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Status : Complete

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Season 1

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